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The purpose of this project is to help people suffering from the fear of getting lost to overcome it.The remedy is to change their mentality and show them how the journey is more important than said destinations.

The outcome is a series of digital and analog geographical board games designed for people who are unfamiliar with Beirut and would like to explore it all in a matter of hours.This game can be played by 2-4 players ages 12 and above. The game plot is about a group of people who visit Beirut to meet up with their friend.They need to get to the final location by solving the riddles and puzzles that unlock their next locations before their opponents solve theirs. The aim of the board game is to entertain people and help them gain all of the necessary information to navigate through and explore Beirut without any difficulty.


Yara Kleib


Senior Project


Randa Abdel Baki


Spring 2020