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Lebanon is known for its hospitality, love of living life, and sociable atmosphere. One of the many entertainments is nightlife, with Beirut being ranked as the 3rd best nightlife city in the world. However, some clubbers might encounter problems when the services provided did not meet their expectations, and end up feeling like they wasted their money and time attending an event that did not meet their preferences. Another problem that they might face is their inability to go clubbing because of unavailability of friends “party buddies” willing to join. Party buddies feature is what makes this application stand out since it notifies users when people who share the same taste of music are in the same venue. Thus, Nightrix app targets clubbers; allowing them to rate venues (based on music, ambience, and alcohol); to acquire updated events based on preferences; and finally, to connect to people that share similar nightlife interests.


Maria Farhat


Senior Project


Chahid Akoury


Spring 2020