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The debate regarding school uniforms seems to escalate over time. Some would claim that uniforms at schools will discipline students, while others would assure that students are captive in their uniforms, unable to express their own personalities.In both cases, some students might suffer from a low self-esteem and poor body image caused by years in a uniform.

Since puppets are one of the best ways to engage with kids, a puppet show named MARIOLETE will be invented to help students overcome their fears and become the best versions of themselves.

MARIOLETE will be performing comedy shows in schools, dealing withstudents’ issues in anentertainingway and will answer directly students’ inquiries through a YouTube channel and an Instagram account.

Mariolette consists of 5 different characters,each with a different roles and issue to solve.


Fatima Fouani


Senior Project


Salim Azzam


Spring 2020