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When we start learning to write, our subconscious mind undergoes reprogramming. This forms a pattern that our brain uses every time we write. It is our subconscious mind that sends electrical impulses as signals to our hand therefore, handwriting reflects hidden messages of our brain. The pseudo-science graphotherapy is the act of rewiring one’s brain through conscious efforts of changing one’s handwriting in order to improve innumerous challenges such as stress, difficulty focusing, and anger. Thus, my project targets people over the age of 20 who would like to reduce daily struggles, such as stress, through graphology. “JotNote” is an interactive app linked to a technologically advanced pen. “JotNote” allows users to improve themselves by recommending daily tasks based on issues detected from the user’s handwriting. Since rewiring the brain through graphotherapy is a task that needs patience and dedication, a bot follows along on the user’s journey for support.


Alia Ammouri


Senior Project


Maria Bahous