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Isem Aa Mousamma

During the research phase, the chosen topic was names and the power they hold whilst carrying someone’s identity. Some of the additional points that were covered are two important effects; The Barnum Effect and The Law of Attraction.

My final project consists of a store or online purchased kit along with an app that will help expecting parents find the perfect name of their unborn child in a fun way. This brainstorming experience is mainly for entertainment purposes in order to come up with new names, read about them and find the unborn child’s perfect name. In order to obtain that name, the kit and the app will be guiding them through a specific order of steps as followed: after purchasing the kit from a store or through the app, they insert its proper number into the app. Several filters will be available in the app for the parents to change with. Afterwards, the parents will be asked to throw the cubes and add the information received on the surfaces in the app.

At the end, the app will automatically give the user the best 3 name options. In case the parents aren’t satisfied, they can always get another batch of names or go back to the filters and do the process as many times as they want, until they get the perfect name. An extra entertaining activity will await the parents, once the name is chosen.


Alaa Bachacha


Senior Project


Maria Bahous