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Chairperson's Letter

Chairperson’s Letter


It is always with pleasure and a sense of pride that we witness the efforts and accomplishments of our Graphic Design students’. In this collection of work exhibited online, we witness not only their acquisition of knowledge and its integration in creative outcomes but mainly their understanding of the role and responsibility they hold in shaping the future on a social, cultural and technological level.


Indeed, graphic design is not merely an answer to a need or a use in our daily life… but rather, it has become a vehicle of expression that induces mechanisms of change and novel ways of seeing the world that we create and act upon. “Alter” allows us to witness the novelties and the concerns of our younger generation, their visual thinking at work, their minds reshaping our future and theirs. Contributing in innovative way to shaping our culture and society.

This year, the name “Alter” was given to our online exhibition as an expression of the adaptability and flexibility of our students, faculty and staff, to adapt and overcome the difficulties we are facing on a local and global level. The circumstances we are going through, required them to alter their work, their habits, their perspective and yet they were able to achieve great results with a lot of determination and success.


I, personally, remain thankful for the dedication and commitment of our faculty and staff they put in the education of our students. We all stand proud of our students’ inventiveness, enterprise and creativity.


Hanibal Srouji
Chairperson, Department of Art and Design
School of Architecture and Design


Alter is a compilation of senior graphic design students’ work that was made possible through the collective efforts of the Department of Art and Design at the Lebanese American University:



Hanibal Srouji


Associate Chair

Maria Bahous


Full-Time Faculty

Randa Abdel Baki, Chahid Akoury, Melissa Plourde Khoury, Yasmine Taan


Adjunct Faculty

Joumana Ibrahim, Sami Kiwan


Part-Time Faculty

Zeina El Abed, Dania El Adhami, Salim Azzam, Maher Berro, Nicole Jabre, Bahij Jaroudi, Danielle Kattar, Nisrine Sarkis, Sabine Terky, Nader Tfayli



Lina Abdoun, Tatiana Bou Assi, Rouba Hakim, Charbel Harb, Marie Therese Kassab


Behind this catalogue


Art Direction

Maria Bahous & Sami Kiwan



Gaelle Majdalani & Dana Barakat



Charbel Harb